Nathan McEntee

Mr. McEntee

I am excited to jump into the role of Acting Principal this year! I live by the quote from William Butler Yeates - "Education is not about filling a bucket but igniting a fire". I want to continue to build on the great things that Ponoka Elementary has offered to help create excited and engaged learners. With students who have a desire to learn, their options are endless when they leave this building and their education career. We have a unique building that is built to create collaborative learners and with that, we have an amazing group of collaborative teachers. I have a passion for Technology Integration and believe that technology in the classroom should be very purposeful and only serve to enhance student learning. 
I have an awesome little family with my wife who is also a teacher and my 3 year old daughter. I am a big sports fan with hockey, golf and baseball being my top 3 sports to play and watch.